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The Ultimate IELTS course shows you exactly what examiners are looking for, and provides all the knowledge, support and practice you need to get your highest score. Thousands of students' results prove that our process works.


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"The Ultimate IELTS Video has so much information in it and was very helpful. I was able to familiarize my self with the exam structure, it gave me practical guides on how to answer questions and I passed my exam."

"I couldn't attend the physical class due to work so I decided to join the Video Lesson. It was beyond what I expected. It made me feel like I was in a physical class. I wrote the IELTS Academic exam and I got my desired result for my school admission."

"The flexibility of the Video Lesson was what I enjoyed most. I was able to watch the video at anytime. A tutor also assisted me with my preparation. Thank you Tuteria for helping me pass my IELTS exam."

"With so much gratitude to Tuteria, it is my pleasure to share my IELTS score with everyone! I really enjoyed the training, the regular assignments and final mock exam greatly helped me. Once again, a big thanks to Tuteria for this achievement of mine."

Course Features

Here's what you'll learn in each of the modules inside the course

IELTS Writing Master Course

What's included

  • How to generate the BEST ideas for your task 2 essays. This is where a lot of candidates miss it.

  • How to effectively manage your time to write ERROR-FREE IELTS English

  • Discover the 8 different Question types in IELTS Writing and how to systematically arrange your essay in the IELTS way to hit a band 8 score

  • Show you a band 8 proven structure for writing an essay regardless of the question type you are given.

  • Reveal the ingredients to make your letter standout and earn you a band 8

  • Show you how to craft your bar charts, tables, pie chart, process diagrams and arrange your summary such that the examiner nods and smiles in admiration after reading and gives you a solid band 8

IELTS Reading Master Course

What's included

  • Reveal to you the No.1 reason why 90% of candidates can’t finish the reading test in 1 hour and will show you how to stand out and be in the 10%

  • You will discover the secrets behind the most difficult question types like List of heading, Multiple choice, True/False/Not Given and the formula you can use to arrive at the correct answer.

  • We'll teach you how to answer crucial questions and get the answers correctly without reading the entire passage. This right here saves you a ton of time and keeps you out of the 90%

  • You will discover how to use social media and other daily activities to improve your reading skill which will help you in smashing a band 9 without stress

IELTS Listening Master Course

What's included

  • We'll show you how to listen so that you don’t miss out on the relevant information no matter the accent used.

  • Discover the unique L2U that has helped our students listen without losing focus during the test.

  • Reveal to you how to make use of the extra 10 minutes given at the end of the test to transfer your answer. Trust me you’ve been doing this the absolute wrong way

  • You'll to listen for numbers and synonyms of keywords, identifying paraphrases etc, and how to respond to short answer questions irrespective of the speaker's accent.

  • You'll develop skills to follow the speaker, listen for clues and signposts and how to recognize the speakers opinions and attitude to hit a band 9 easily.

IELTS Speaking Master Course

What's included

  • Here you'll master the essential aspects of proper English grammar, fluency, vocabulary and pronunciation.

  • You'll be exposed to the secret IELTS speaking formula that will help you with the right composure, attitude, body language and answers to topics your IELTS expects of you. You'll get a Band 8 - 9 after successful completion of this master course

  • We'll cover all aspects of the Speaking test such as the Interview part, the Individual Long Form and the Discussion part, and master all the principles you should adhere to in order to get an easy band 8 - 9.

As bonuses, you’ll also get access to:

Free resources to help you prepare

1. Writing Task Review

To help you practice, your essays writeups will be reviewed by our in-house IELTS experts who will give you detailed suggestions on ways to improve your writing towards a band 9.0

2. Live Speaking Practical Session

You have the opportunity to attend a live speaking session with experts who will evaluate your speaking, and make corrections. In addition, a detailed report will be sent to you including ways to improve.

3. Also included are:

  • 10+ IELTS Exam graded and worked examples

  • Full mock test materials

  • Free study materials and Ebooks to practice and expand your knowledge

  • Band 9.0 IELTS essay samples

  • IELTS Writing, speaking, listening and reading marking scheme

  • 10+ Free Videos on IELTS speaking and listening tasks

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Learn at your own pace

Get everything you need to pass IELTS even if you only have a short time to prepare. Study online and practice mock questions.

IELTS Expert support

Join Live Speaking sessions with an IELTS Expert. Get your essays professionally asssessed ahead of your exam.

Community Support

Join the student forum, ask questions and get prompt response from other students and from the IELTS experts.

Ultimate IELTS Course

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What's included

  • Experts Videos on all Modules

  • Speaking Assessments

  • Writing Assessments

  • Sample Band 9.0 Essays

  • Quizzes and Mock Exam

  • Community support